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Business Litigation

Representing corporations and executives in contract and other commercial disputes

Several years ago I was involved in business dispute which erupted when a bank seized deposits in an insurance agency's account to pay amounts owing under a revolving line of credit.  Insurers to whom the deposited premiums were to be remitted sued the bank and won an injunction preventing the bank from withdrawing money from the agency's account.  The agency was only holding policyholders' insurance premiums in escrow until they were to be remitted to the insurers, after which the insurers would pay the agency its percentage of the premiums collected in commissions.  The bank appealed and the Supreme Judicial Court accepted the case for review and held the trial court's ruling was affirmed.

I have also represented employees and employers in injunction proceedings concerning covenants not to compete contained in employment agreements. 

A dispute between an insurance agent and an insurance company resulted in three trials and an appeal.

In an unsual case, I represented a food distributor which had developed a distinctive pizza box design, which was then copied by its competitor.  The Superior Court granted an injunction against the copy-cat pizza boxes for infringement of the "trade dress" of my client.

Some materials of interest from my representation of parties in these cases is as follows:

Download: agents_opposition_to_injunction.pdf
Download: lopresti_dec_msj.pdf
Download: world_power_v._energy_services_decisions0001.pdf
Download: yahn_v._gamic.pdf

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